This is what happens when a sanctioning body actually tries to make stars out of it's drivers, and in 2002 it worked rather awesomely for CART. The whole commercial probably took a day to shoot and didn't require much of a budget, but it was expertly conceived and executed. Boom.

I used this commercial to illustrate a point in a response to my earlier Indycar story, but after watching it about 10 more times I thought it deserved a post of it's own. It's interesting how many of the featured drivers are still tentpole drivers for Indycar twelve years on; check out Scott Dixon before his voice dropped and Dario Speedwagon back when he was still called that.


Then, of course, there's Paul Tracy. He's just being his regular badass self, not acting a bit.

There's a lesson hiding in this commercial; promote your drivers as the SuperHeroes they are and people will tune in.

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