10-Year-Old Karter Leaves Orbit, Friends Discuss

Mini-Rok racing karts can hit 70 m.p.h, pull three mechanical gs in corners, accelerate like a cat that fell in a bathtub, and stop like the Radical Vertical Impact Simulator in Spies Like Us. They're stupid crazy Wile E. Coyote Acme Rocket fast. And they're typically driven by ten-year-olds. And sometimes they flip. » 1/22/15 9:25am 1/22/15 9:25am

I owned a four door version in that same color, and I can personally verify that it was the second worst car ever made, after the Chevy Citation. I know picking on GM cars of this vintage is taking low hanging fruit, but listen- Shortly after I drove the car home my best friend and I commenced to investigating every… » 10/13/14 9:14am 10/13/14 9:14am

How would one even begin to answer that? It's like asking "What's the worst thing Stalin ever did?"; you're going to have to break this down into categories; by decade, wheels driven, etc. Sure the Cadillac Cimarron is in the discussion, but Christ, GM made four other cars exactly like it at the same time with… » 5/15/14 12:23pm 5/15/14 12:23pm

I think the question you're trying to ask is 'why would he assume that was a possibility?', as he didn't assume it was radioactive but rather, feared that it could be (according to the story). When posed that way it makes a lot more sense, right? While unlikely, a fragment from a de-orbited satellite could,… » 5/14/14 1:51pm 5/14/14 1:51pm

The Nurburgring, a Screaming Wife, and a Failing Saab.

The Nurburgring isn't so much a race track as it is an insane German roller coaster that you can fall off of at any moment. My wife, Kelty, sitting next to me, screaming for 11 minutes straight intensified this effect. Except, instead of a roller coaster scream she was screaming like she suddenly found herself on the… » 4/21/14 8:16pm 4/21/14 8:16pm